The Chimney x Ulmer Arts

AUTUMN AHN, LINO bernabe, andrew erdos, riitta ikonen,
sara mejia kriendler, aaron taylor kuffner, yasue maetake,
desire moheb zandi, matt taber, nelly zagury



JUNE 22 – JULY 28, 2019





The William Ulmer Brewery is an adaptive reuse project located at 81 Beaver Street, on the corner of Belvidere and Beaver Streets in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The 60,000 square foot structure was constructed in 1872 as one of Brooklyn’s oldest breweries in the Rundbogenstil Romanesque revival style by architect Theobald Engelhardt. This historic building symbolizes an era of Brooklyn’s history that defined and helped to develop the neighborhood of Bushwick.

The former Ulmer Brewery will be reimagined and historically renovated to house an ecosystem of modern creative users with a shared sense of values and community. Through this revival, Ulmer Arts marks the first effort to fully utilize this property since the Brewery ceased operations during Prohibition a century ago. For this first collaboration, The Chimney takes over six large rooms in order to present large installations and works by nine American and international artists.

On the ground floor, the first room welcomes the works of Yasue Maetake (Japan) and Andrew Erdos (USA). Using glass as his primary medium, Erdos explores the possibility of land formation, the erosion of matter and the passage of time on our landscapes. Maetake’s mixed-media sculptural works investigate the liveliness of matter, artifact's material and expressive qualities as well as the infinite possibilities of forms.

The second room contains the works of three artists: Desire Moheb Zandi (Turkey), Riitta Ikonen (Finland) and Sara Mejia Kriendler (USA and Colombia).  

Desire Moheb Zandi’s works Volcanic (2019) and Emancipation/Plantasia (2019) consist in two suspended tapestries made of various textiles such as wool, rubber, plastic, paint and paper. From an early age, the artist has found both personal and cultural identity through the hours spent watching her grandmother weave in her childhood home, Turkey. Influenced by her personal history with textiles and its countless sculptural possibilities, Moheb Zandi combines found materials with traditional modes of textile fabrication. By manipulating the surface of the fabric and playing with formal arrangement, Moheb Zandi constructs horizontally-layered visual compositions. 

Part of a series of works titled “Me Again” about climate change, Riitta Ikonen’s wearable fabric sculptures represent an insect at a magnified scale namely, a moth and a beetle. Her fascination for the natural realm is accompanied by an ecological concern: the increasing disappearance of one of the most mysterious and overlooked species - insects. Ikonen expressed: “Our eyes and ears might not pick up all the fragile achievements of the small and quiet ones.” By creating pieces of imperceptible creatures integrated within a human habitat, Ikonen celebrates the fragile beauty of our ecosystem and the incredible diversity of the million species living  on our planet.

In “Running Out of Ink,” Sara Mejia Kriendler weaves palm leaves through the gridded pages of a notebook. This series is inspired by Robinson Crusoe - the story of a castaway stranded on a deserted island for 28 years.  To stay sane Robinson keeps a journal using ink he salvaged from his ship before it sank.  But he is running out of ink.  This series imagines what happens when he does. Kriendler seeks to reconnect with raw materials as opposed to manufactured ones.  Facing the possibility of environmental collapse, this work considers our dependence on the manufactured and imagines what could happen when we are forced to start from scratch. 

In the following third room, Matt Taber (USA) created a table whose surface appears as a static cut-out of the ocean.  As an object of design and art, Taber approaches the boundary of an object of utility that, by design, attempts to reconcile its entropic environment.  For Taber, the sea is a platform.  Without a fixed architecture, its movements adhere to the tidal forces of the Moon and the Sun acting on the Earth.  As algorithms alienate our behaviors, a cybernetic solitude aligns us with the sailor who encounters the universal mind and memory "from swerve of shore to bend of bay."  Named after Marcel Broodthaers work of the same title, "A Voyage on the North Sea" is a platform for others to conflate modern life with the systemic mysticism that guides our desires. 

On the second floor, Aaron Taylor Kuffner (USA) created an immersive and sonic installation of his ongoing Sonic Kinetic Sculptures called Gamelatrons. Kuffner's Gamelatrons are made of traditional bronze, brass and iron instruments. Drawing from Indonesia's gamelan tradition, Kuffner roboticizes these gongs with newly designed musical compositions. Turning ancient instrument such as Indonesian Gamelan into hand-crafted sculptures, the artist exposes viewers to the profound nature of musical resonance, its effect on the body and psyche and retrieves the spiritual objective of ancient Indonesian ceremonies. This room provides a respite for visitors.

In the room to the left, the paintings of Lino Bernabe (USA and Cuba) explore the notion of time and the effect of the moving picture through the medium of painting. By applying concepts that pertain to the field of cinema, Bernabe’s paintings animate under RGB sequenced lights. He uses colored light to divide one image into three images. Red light is scene one, green light is scene two, blue light is scene three. The sequencing of RGB light produces an unfolding narrative, enabling the two-dimensional paintings to expand into the dimension of time. The motion of figures perceived from the change in colored light frequencies produces a narrative scene that questions the sociological and physiological implications of each primary color: red, cyan, green, magenta, blue and yellow. The painted scenes are fleeting moments observed and witnessed by the artist in the streets of his hometown in Miami.

On the third floor, Nelly Zagury (France) presents The Giant Stalker & The Cannibal Flower  (2019) - a 3 dimensional painting inviting the audience to experience the theatrical aspect of her dreams. Playing with iconic myth, surreal characters and erotic fantasy, Nelly Zagury’s works are filled with symbolism that furthers one’s understanding of femininity and eroticism.

The Chimney is also pleased to present its second publication “a tall action is not a height” made on the occasion of Autumn Ahn’s (USA) performance-based exhibition at the Chimney in 2017. Acting as an extension of her exhibition, the publication reveals Ahn’s performance under a new light and offers insights in regards to her creative process. The publication includes essays by the scholar Asli Seven, the Chimney directors, Clara Darrason and Jennifer Houdrouge, the artist Autumn Ahn and the curator Anissa Touati. Photographs of Autumn Ahn’s performance will also be on view.






Ulmer Arts is a collaboration between builders and artists. Together, Macarthur Holdings + Rivington Company + Brightsky Investments is the partnership behind the historic renovation of the William Ulmer Brewery. In New York City, the partnership has over 50 years of experience revitalizing historic properties.

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Tungsten Partners is an independent and diversified holdings company with minority and wholly owned interests in a variety of operating companies in several disciplines including: hospitality, art, media, fashion, beverage, design, consumer products and real estate.

Tungsten Partners is the founder of the art publication Art Observed, was prior to its divestiture, the longest standing owner of the Ace Hotel brand, and has active equity interests in over 30 companies. Tungsten Partners is a creative advisor and minority owner of the William Ulmer Brewery Project.




AUTUMN AHN (b.1986, Philadelphia, USA) is an American artist. She is currently a Visiting Fellow as an artist-in-residence at Harvard University’s Department of Philosophy. She studied oil painting and art history at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts and also at the Scuola Internazionale de Grafica in Venice, Italy. Her solo exhibitions include, Between pink & blue is Catharanthus Roseus at Galerie 0fr., Paris (2019), a tall action is not a height at The Chimney NYC (2017), Untitled (Chamber), AIDS ACTION COMMITTEE & Alter Projects, Art Basel-Miami (2014), Latent Lavender at Ryan Lee Gallery, NYC (2014), Voy(age)ur at STREAM Gallery, NYC (2014) and upcoming show with Howard Yezerski Gallery TBA 2019/2020. She has also participated in group exhibitions with her pieces, pavement over pavement at HUBWeek for Boston’s Government Center, CASTLEDRONE CORRAL (2017), “everyoneineverforgot, fig. 1-3” at Cinema Tonalá and Fería ARTBo for The Host, Bogotá (2016), “Anunnciate” at Montserrat College of Art & Design for SEVEN, Boston (2016), Sensational Stanzas at École du Magazine (Centre National d’Art Contemporain), for TakeYouThereRadio, Grenoble/ (2015). She was the recipient of a Boston Opportunity Grant, Createwell Artist Grant, and a Constantin Alajalov Scholarship. Her work has been reviewed on Whitehot Magazine, The Boston Globe, ARTE, Art New England. She lives and works in Boston, MA.


LINO BERNABE (b.1994, Miami, FL) is a Cuban-Americano artist.

He studied Fine Arts at The Cooper Union. His solo exhibitions include: "Acute Blue" at New Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2018) and "Alter" at The Cooper Union, New York, NY (2016).

He has also participated in group exhibitions at "The Chimney X Ulmer Arts" at William Ulmer Brewery, Brooklyn, NY (2019), "Artist I Know” at Unaccredited Gallery, Miami, FL (2019), Activate Chicago: “Pulsing with Power” in downtown Chicago, Chicago, IL (2017), “Commons Project” at 34 Stuyvesant, New York, NY (2014), “Ice Cream Paint Job” at Stone Soup Ashland Cooperative, Chicago, IL (2013), “Mail Art” at the Flux Museum, Chicago, IL (2011), “Happy Birthday” At The Locust Projects LAB, Miami, FL (2011). He was the recipient of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation residency. His work has been reviewed on Bklyner and Artnet. Bernabe works and lives in New York.

Photography by Maggie Shanon

Photography by Maggie Shanon


ANDREW ERDOS (b. 1985) graduated with a BFA from Alfred University. The youngest recipient of the Rakow Commission of the Corning Museum of Glass, his work has been exhibited worldwide and throughout the United States.

He has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Claire Oliver Gallery in New York, with Invaluable (2015) and Guaranteed Impermanence (2013).
Notable group exhibitions include “Reviving Humanity Memorial” at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (2018); “Between Beauty and Decay”, Curated by Erin Joyce, ArtSpace, New Haven CT  (2017); “Piece by Piece” at the Kemper Art Museum, Kansas City (2015); “Glass Today: 21st Century Innovations” at the New Britain Museum of American Art (2014); “Facets of Modern and Contemporary Glass” at the Knoxville Museum of Art (2014); “Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012” at the Toledo Museum of Art (2012); “Cyberfest” at The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg (2009), “Art Parade” at Deitch Projects in New York (2008), and “Insatiable Streams” at Beijing BS1 Contemporary Art Center in Beijing (2007). 

Erdos’ work can be found in the permanent collections of the New Britain Museum of American Art; the Toledo Museum of Art; the Knoxville Museum of Art; the Corning Museum of Glass; the 21c Museum in Durham, and the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison.

Andrew Erdos lives and works in New York City.

Photography by Karoline Hjorth

Photography by Karoline Hjorth


RIITTA IKONEN (b.1981, Finland) completed her BA at the University of Brighton and MA at the Royal College of Art, London. Her work threads memory, myth and imagination with a sharp focus on the natural world. She uses performance, video, wearable sculptures and photographic portraiture to investigate the various ways humanity occupies and interprets its environment.

Ikonen has been awarded artist residencies at Shandaken, Recess (at Pioneer Works), the Bemis Center of Contemporary Art, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (SPARC) in New York. In 2014 she was nominated for Finland's biggest contemporary art prize Ars Fennica. She is the founder of the Mail Art gallery, located in a P.O. Box in the Rockaways, NY.

Ikonen’s work was featured in notable solo and group exhibitions including “Signal, Lights, Connected” (2018) in connection with the Olympic Games in Pyeoungchang; “Future Fossils” (2015), Dutton Gallery, New York; “Heavy Petting” (2015), Dose Projects, New York; “Mail Art” (2015), Postal Museum, Finland; “Chronicle” (2013), Denny Gallery, New York; “Camouflage” (2012), Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki; “Fantasticology” (2011), London 2012 Olympic Park; "NADA Miami”(2015), represented by Recess Org; “Warmer Still?” (2009) Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow; “Walkthrough Wardrobe”, Tate Britain (2009) and Victoria and Albert Museum (2010) London; “Bird and Leaf” (2008), The Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London;  “Eyes as Big as Plates”, The Greenland National Museum, Nuuk (2015), Nordic Houses in Iceland (2017) and Faroe Islands (2015); Bogota International Photo Biennale (2015); Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Nebraska US (2015); gallery FACTORY, Seoul Korea (2015); Villa Borghese, Rome (2014); the Ars Fennica exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Kiasma (2014); Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2014); Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo (2012); Gulbenkian Foundation, London (2012) ; Photographer's gallery, London (2012); The Finnish Institute in Oslo (2011), Paris (2014) and Stockholm (2015); "Ballarat International Foto Biennale” Australia (2017).


SARA MEJIA KRIENDLER (b. 1983, NY, NY) is a Colombian-American artist. She studied Intellectual History at the University of Pennsylvania, trained as a sculptor at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and received her MFA in Fine Arts from SVA, where she received the Alumni Award Thesis Grant and was awarded the Paula Rhodes Memorial award for excellence. Her solo exhibitions include "In Back of Beyond" at the Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY (2018), "El Ocaso de Los Idolos" at Pereira Museum of Fine Art, Pereira, Colombia (2018), "Duplicates, Dummies & Dolls" at CP Projects Space, NY, NY (2016), "The Anthropocene" at A.I.R. Gallery, NY, NY (2015) and "In Arbeit - Six Memos for the Next...", at Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria (2013). She has also participated in group exhibitions at Spencer Brownstone Gallery, Interstate Projects, and The Invisible Dog, in New York, Halt Gallery in Phoenix, and Works on Paper in Philadelphia. Her work has been reviewed on Artnet News, Hyperallergic, Newsday, Brooklyn Magazine, and Art Ravels. 


AARON TAYLOR KUFFNER has performed or presented work more than 400 times in 19 countries in the last sixteen years. Kuffner exhibits with Sundaram Tagore Galleries in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and International Art Fairs. He is currently showing at the 56th Venice Biennale at the Palazzo Grimani Museum in Venice, Italy and has shown at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, The Sackler gallery at the Smithsonian Institute and The Clocktower Gallery with an exhibition at the Drawing Center scheduled in 2016.

Kuffner has notably received grants, in-kind support and awards from: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in association with the Clocktower Gallery, The Trust for Mutual Understanding, The Experimental Television Center, The New York Council for the Arts, Ableton Gmhb, The CEC Artslink, Scope Arts, Artist Wanted, Techshop, The New Orleans Airlift, The Indonesian Foreign Ministry, The Dharmasiswa Scholarship, The Berlin Arts Council, The European Commission, I-D Media Berlin, Schloss Brollin Art Labor, The James F. Robison Foundation, The Soros Foundation, Swiss Air, The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and The US Artists International partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Photo by Fumi Sugino

Photo by Fumi Sugino


YASUE MAETAKE is a Japanese-born New York-based mixed-media sculptor and installation artist living and working in Queens NY. She has exhibited internationally at venues including: Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Harris Lieberman, New York; Espacio 1414, The Berezdivin Collection, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Queens Art Museum, Queens, NY; and Fredric Snitzer, Miami, FL; as well as The Chimney, Brooklyn and False Flag Project. Maetake has received The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) Fellowship in Sculpture and has been a resident artist in the studio of El Anatsui in Ghana with a research grant from the Agency for Japanese Cultural Affairs. In 2018, Artsy named Maetake one of 20 female artists advancing the field of sculpture. In 2019, her work has exhibited at the collateral exhibition at 58th Venice Biennale organized by London-based Hesit Gallery. She earned her MFA from Columbia University, New York and is currently an adjunct faculty at Fine Art Dept., SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.


DESIRE MOHEB ZANDI (b. 1990, Berlin, Germany) is a Turkish/Iranian artist. She studied AA at Parsons School of Design. Her solo exhibitions include: "Landscapes" at Newsstand Project, LA (2019) She has also participated in group exhibitions at: “Chimney x Ulmer Arts”, The Chimney offsite, New York (2019); “Ariadne Unravels" at Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York (2019); “Between the Lines" at Spring/Break Art Show, New York (2019); “Defining Form" at Untitled Space Gallery, New York (2018); “One Year of Resistance" at Untitled Space Gallery, New York (2018); ”Bent but Unbroken" at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit (2017); “Hell is Other People" at 100 Chambers St. , New York (2017); “She Inspires” at Untitled Space Gallery, New York (2017); “Group Show” at Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York (2017); “Uprise Angry Woman” at Untitled Space Gallery, New York (2017)

Her work has been reviewed on Artnet News, New York Magazine, Artspeak, New York Textile Month, Interview, Vogue, House&Garden, Dazed and Confused.
She works and live in New York City


MATT TABER (b. Boston, MA, USA) completed his MFA from Columbia University and his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

 His solo exhibitions include "In through the out door", Secret Dungeon Gallery, Brooklyn, USA (2018); "Hacienda 2", Interiors, Brooklyn, USA (2018); "Naked Earth", Elevator Mondays Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2017); "Hacienda", Holiday Forever Gallery, Jackson Hole, USA (2017); "I want You to want Me", YOUNG WORLD Gallery, Detroit, USA (2016).

His work has been included in group exhibitions at Chimney Gallery, Brooklyn, USA (2018), The Marjorie Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, USA (2017), 032c, Berlin, Germany (2016), GUCCIVUITTON, Miami, USA (2016), Schwarzwaldallee, Basel, Switzerland (2015).

 Taber has participated in Teton ArtLab (Jackson Hole, USA), The Corporation of Yaddo (Saratoga Springs, USA),  The Fallen Tower (Detroit, USA), Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Skowhegan, USA), Internationale Sommeracademie (Salzburg, Austria).

Photography Cassie Hunter Style: A. Bohemia & The Wolves

Photography Cassie Hunter Style: A. Bohemia & The Wolves


NELLY ZAGURY Nelly Zagury (b. 1987, Paris, France) is a French artist. 

Zagury’s Moroccan ancestry is revealed by her ornamental language as a quest to express the complexity of her mixed identity. 

She received her MFA from HEAR (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin) in Strasbourg with her thesis “The Art of Bad Taste or the Reenchantment of Kitsch”, and studied fashion accessory design at HEAD (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design) in Geneva.
She continued her formation to the side of Matthew Barney, designing costumes for “River Of Fundament” opera film, then doing the art direction of Holy Faya, a jewelry brand mixing fashion & technology. She showed at “Every Woman Biennal” Los Angeles, 2019, “Dans la ligne de mire, scènes du bijou contemporain” at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 2014, “The Black Crook Grand Premiere” at TheChimney, NYC, 2016, “La Peau de l’Ours” at the Musée zoologique, Strasbourg, 2011

She was invited as a speaker for LVMH (“Viva technology”, Paris, 2016) and Zimmerhof Schmuck Symposium, (“Future Jewellery Icons”, 2015). 

Her work has been reviewed on Web interviews: T: The New York Times Style Magazine, A Women’s thing, Asvof, The Fader, I-D Magazine, Entrepreneur, Madame Le Figaro. Print: Full Blede, Les Inrockuptibles, Current Obsession, Art Aurea

She works and live in Los Angeles, focusing on “Songs Of My Fantasy” a multidimensional erotic opera where her passion for surrealism meets femininity & exoticism.