Call In

November 18 - December 18, 2016

The Chimney is pleased to present Call In by Swiss French artist Nathalie Rodach. Described as  "Visual Philosophy", Rodach's work is imbued with questions on the living and human evolution. The exhibition reveals multiple open narratives and raises existential questions on the role of memory, the necessity of transformation and reinvention. 

Conceived as a two-venue exhibition, Call In/Call Out will take place successively in two different locations: Call In at The Chimney NYC and Call Out at the Andata Ritorno Contemporary Art Laboratory in Geneva in January.

Inside The Chimney, viewers will confront a monumental 12 feet cocoon suspended from the ceiling, created in collaboration with American artist Andrew Erdos. Made of found branches enveloped by glass, the cocoon is emblematic of metamorphosis, the coming of age. 

 Along with this central piece, the visitor is invited to spend an intimate time unveiling objects disseminated in a library. Rodach selected fragments of images, dried tree leaves and found books for their titles' significance and allusion to the human journey towards spirituality, death, and hope of renewal. She has engraved some of them with photographs, butterfly wings, and nests. Rodach chooses symbols of creation, birth and unwavering motion and asks the visitor to take part within this narrative.  

How does memory distorts reality? What images remain from moments eternally lost and how do these inform our own mutations? Rodach presents viewers with a shredded temporality. Through remembrance of the past and projection towards the future, she propels viewers to identify the stage of their mutation and our relation to memory as the only remnant of the present and yet the only tool through which one becomes aware of his own mutation.  

Nathalie Rodach (Paris, France) completed her studies at Paris I Sorbonne Panthéon and Paris X Nanterre, France. After working in the academic field and with new technologies, she decided to fully dedicate herself to artistic practice since 2003.  Her genealogical trees, sculptural branches assembled and re-assembled are emblematic of her work.
Rodach’s solo exhibitions include Passage à l’âme and Lignes de Vie, Espace 43R Carouge, Switzerland (2013) and (2009). Her work was included in group exhibitions such as  VIDEO TO GO-PROJECT « UNBEHAUST », Caos Art Gallery, Venise(2016); The Unbearable, Joyce Yahouda Gallery, New York, USA (2015); Décrocher la lune, Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, USA (2014); Rencontres artistiques du Jardin du Hauvel, Calvados, France (2011); Lignes de Vie, GMAC, Paris, France (2009); Familles, Communider, Paris, France (2003).
She had several publications namely, Opus 1, Ligne de Vie, Opus 2, Passage à l’âme (2014); Mon Happy Cooking Book, Edition Gallimard (2012). Rodach has been awarded artist residencies at the Corning Museum of Glass, New York, USA (2016); the Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, USA (2014); Samuth Sakkhon, Thailand (2009-2010). She has recently collaborated for the creation of the choregraphy Yama, and created the set for the Vertigo Dance Company. She also participated at the Night of Philosophy of the French Institute in Tel Aviv. 
She works and lives in Geneva and Annemasse.


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Nathalie Rodach and Assaf Salhov
Mues - Emancipation

"Together,  we will emancipate ourselves. In a performance danced by Assaf Salhov, we will say good bye to the Call In Cocoon. You are needed. We will think about those ends that are the beginning of emancipation or of alienation."      - Nathalie Rodach