The Chimney is pleased to present its upcoming July program.

During their upcoming July adventures in the desert, artist Andrew Erdos and curator Clara Darrason will set-up an installation in the Navajo Nation. Entitled Song of the Sun, the piece will feature a montage of public domain footage of the NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory along with a sound installation playing audio data recorded from the sun. 

In its Bushwick location, The Chimney will feature Skype Heartbreak Show from July 24 - August 2,  an interactive installation exploring the decay of a long-distance, romantic relationship through the filters of unreliable technology. Skype Heartbreak Show is designed and developed by Pierre Depaz, Ansh Patel, Tommy Payne and Pat Shiu.

Founder of The Painted Desert Project, Chip Thomas, visits Andrew Erdos' studio & exhibition @TheChimney

Chip Thomas has been living and working on the Navajo nation as an Indian Health Services Physician since 1987. He has also launched The Painted Desert Project, which connects public artists with communities through mural opportunities and youth arts education on the Navajo Nation. 
To know more and discover Chip's wheat pastings, and other artists' amazing murals : www.Jetsonorama.net