MARCH 18 - APRIL 10, 2016

The Chimney NYC is pleased to present “Mother of Intentions” by Kiran Chandra.
In her installation, three monumental transparent curtains made of mesh and mulmul cotton hang from The Chimney’s beams, with video projections overlapping through the layers of fabric. Visitors are invited to walk between the textile corridors animated by sound and light. The piece is accompanied by sound by electronic musician Paul Morse.

Inside The Chimney - an industrial 28ft high black cube deprived of windows, the allegory of Plato’s cave resonates as images and their shadows overlay. Repetition and doubling are recurring tropes in Chandra’s work, as are ideas of metonymy and multiplicity. The materials she uses are in dialogue together, connected by their physical materiality, but also the very structure of the language that informs the work.

Using painting, collages, audio and stop-motion videos, Chandra unveils the intimate space of image making and questions the subtle balance between control and chance, transparency and illusion in the act of creation. Through the lens of the camera, the viewer shares the table top view of the artist’s work space - where Chandra playfully experiments with the delicate lines of a drawing, painted hands resembling a tarantula, the movements of a sea-turtle’s flippers, a humming plastic dragonfly…

Chandra’s large scale projections are infused by her interest in literature, biology, philosophy and anthropology. “Mother of Intentions” can be read as an intimate encyclopedia, detailing and revealing an artist's practice.

About Kiran Chandra

Kiran Chandra's work is girded by language and meaning. The intersection between the written and the spoken, the received and the created, and the remembered and the forgotten are thematic touchstones in many of her pieces. Her work is rooted in finding the right medium to express an idea; audio, object, and paper are tools she often reaches for.