The Chimney in 2015

What an exciting year for The Chimney! 7 months old, 9 shows, 22 artists...and many new projects cooking for you in 2016! 

Thank you and congratulations again to the artists who participated in the adventure so far : Andrew Erdos, Pierre Depaz, Ansh Patel, Tommy Payne, Pat Shiu, Rashaad Newsome,  Alexandra Velasco, Erin Grant, Giovanna Olmos, Katya Grokhovsky, Leah Schrager, Aaron Taylor Kuffner, Drew Beattie, Ben Shepard, Cocoon Central Dance Team, John Early, Dan Chamberlain, Matt Barats, Annie Donley and Drennen Quinn. Thanks also to curator Adriana Pauly. 
The Chimney's deepest gratitude goes to Livestream's team for their invaluable support