Skype Heartbreak Show

The Chimney NYC is pleased to present Skype Heartbreak Show, an interactive installation exploring the decay of a long-distance, romantic relationship through the filters of unreliable technology. 
During the performance, the audience witnesses the development of the couple's relationship, as mediated by the technologies through which the characters communicate. The storyline is dynamic, changing according to the movement of the viewers within the enclosed brick cube-shape space of The Chimney. Members of the audience are both spectators and actors in this digital love story.
The performance explores the nature of glitch. Just like humans, technology has the potential to act in spastic, violent, unpredictable ways. In glitch, data decays. Over time, the repositories of our connected lives (e-mails, instant messages, shared pictures and videos) inevitably decay into a state of legacy and incoherence. The information becomes unreliable, even for the machines that originally transmitted and cached them. Digital memory becomes no more reliable than human memory.  
Skype Heartbreak Show is designed and developed by Pierre Depaz, Ansh Patel, Tommy Payne and Pat Shiu.