friday, JUNE 3, 7pm-10pm

The Chimney is pleased to invite Bunk Club to launch their latest “FAN OF” edition with Belgian artist Benoit Platéus along with a special edition of limited objects produced by Platéus in New York.
For their 15th edition, Bunk Club will be presenting a series of “FAN OF” zines and editions by Benoit Platéus together with a special edition of the artist’s emblematic jar-like sculptures. Made of chemical products used for photographic printing, they are the result of an experimental and accidental process. Filling containers with urethane and pigments, the jar becomes an abstract object as the products harden and the different pigments dissolves and blends in an unpredictable manner. In between fluid abstraction and sculptural figuration, these works become three-dimensional pictorial spaces with a potential for image making. This Friday, twenty small sculptures will be installed at the center of The Chimney available for sale with a limited edition and artist’s book.
Zine & edition 20$ | signed & numbered - edition of 50
Special edition 200$ - edition of 15 + 5ap
For more info visit www.bunkclub.be and pre-order the edition via info@bunkclub.be
Bunk Club is a non-profit contemporary art organization founded in Brussels in 2011 by curators Laurence Dujardyn and Mathias Wille and relocated to New York since 2015. Under the header of Bunk Club, they aim to combine curatorial strategies with the active promotion and support of emerging artists. Next to organizing exhibitions in itinerant locations, Bunk Club also focuses on printed matter by publishing a series of "FAN OF" zines and editions with artists such as Ernesto Burgos, Larissa Lockshin, Nicolas Party, Pedro Wirz, Jeffrey Tranchell and Tatiana Kronberg. Bunk Club invites artist to experiment with the book as a primary medium, in the form of an A-5 sized black and white zine always accompanied by an A4-sized black and white print. In the past their activities took place at various places such as Essex Flowers, New York (NY); KOMPLOT, Brussels (B); Shanaynay, Paris (F); Art Rotterdam (in collaboration with NICC); SALTS, Birsfelden (CH) and Etablissement d'en Face, Brussels (B). Their next upcoming project is the first NY solo exhibition of Brussels-based artist Aline Bouvy, opening June 25 at Motel in Brooklyn (NY). 
Benoit Platéus was born in Chênée, Belgium in 1972, and lives and works in Brussels and New York. His works encompasses video, sculpture, drawings, and photography Plateus has been awarded the prize of La Jeune Peinture Belge in 2003 and has published books with Triangle books, Karma, Les Presses du réel, Manor Grunewald to name a few. He has been the subject of numerous solo and two or three-person exhibitions at galleries such as: Almine Rech, London (with Jean-Baptiste Bernadet); Albert Baronian, Brussels; Annarumma gallery, Naples;  Neochrome gallery, Turin (with John Roebas & Jean-Baptiste Bernadet); Galerie Jeanroch Dard, Paris and Highlight Gallery, San Francisco; Skibum MacArthur, Los Angeles. 
His work was also included in notable group exhibition such as: Unscene, WIELS Contemporary Art Museum, Brussels; ATOPOLIS (curated by Dirk Snauwaert) at Manège de Sury, Mons on the occasion of Mons 2015 - European Capital of Culture; Celluloid Brushes at Isabel Bortolozzi, Berlin and Ludlow 88, New York; Vibrant Matter, KIOSK, Ghent, Belgium; Richard Parker (curated by Marc LeBlanc), Michael Thibault Gallery, Los Angeles; Marfa Book Company, Marfa, USA; Mu.ZEE Ostende, Belgium; Middlemarch, Brussels; Karma, New York and White Flags, Saint-Louis, USA.