A group performance evening with: 


Curated by Adriana Pauly

September 26, 2016

The Chimney NYC is pleased to present ABSENT SHAPE, a night of all-female performances curated by Adriana Pauly. The artists, including Alexandra Velasco, Erin Grant, Giovanna Olmos, Katya Grokhovsky and Leah Schrager will be exploring the representation of the female body within the public and private realm through performances, sound and video.

This young generation of artists investigates the ‘fourth wave of feminism’ by producing works that focus on the representation of the female body and identity within the virtual and the everyday; taking charge of their own portrayal and challenging the discourse around ownership the male gaze is averted.
ABESENT SHAPE refers to the absence of bodies in the virtual and its undeniable presence in the physical world. Mediated by standards imposed by ourselves and others the female body has been sanctioned, used and reduced to fit expectations imposed on us by generations of oppressors. The artists of this event are able to show nuances of femininity, which accurately portray the complexity of the female identity. 

Participating Artists:
ALEXANDRA VELASCO is an artist, performer and filmmaker born in Mexico City. Her work includes performance, video, collage, drawings and poetry, which emerge from her constant search of another more fantastical reality. She recontextualizes imagery and iconography to find new meaning and explores the many facets of the female body in order to find unity in fragmentation.

ERIN GRANT is a video, sound and performance artist based in New York. Her work explores the movement of the female body as well as questions socially imposed female attributes. In her videos she deconstructs beauty standards and exposes the private and everyday of the female body.

GIOVANNA OLMOS is a New York based artist from Sweden and California. Her practice, which includes paintings, sculptures, poetry, performance, explores the influence on technology and social media on our lives and language.
KATYA GROKHOVSKY is a Ukrainian born, Australian-raised, interdisciplinary artist and curator based in New York. Her practice, which combines painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and video, explores issues of gender, culture, and the self, often employing the body as a tool to weave together the personal and political.

LEAH SCHRAGER is an artist who works between the web and New York. In her work she photographs, appears in, augments, and markets her own image providing herself with full legal and economic control. Her practice includes video, photography and digital collage centered on the line, movement, and biography of the female body.

ADRIANA PAULY is a German curator and art writer based in New York. In her curatorial as well as her writing projects she esteems to promote art made by female artists. She is part of the curatorial team at the Department of Signs and Symbols in Brooklyn as well as a freelance writer for Missy Magazine in Germany.