Aaron taylor kuffner

Suara Sinar (the sound of light)

march 3 - april 9, 2017



For his second solo-exhibition at The Chimney, American artist Aaron Taylor Kuffner will present Suara Sinar (The Sound of Light), a site-specific installation consisting of totems of mechanical gongs synchronized with a constellation of lights on the ceiling. Immersed in a choreography of light and sound, viewers are invited to lay on a circular-foam platform in the center of The Chimney.

The exhibition is part of Kuffner's ongoing series of Sonic Kinetic Sculptures called Gamelatrons that re-contextualizes Indonesian Gamelan by expanding its material and sonic possibilities. Turning ancient instrument into hand-crafted sculptures, Kuffner exposes viewers to the profound nature of musical resonance, its effect on the body and psyche and retrieves the spiritual objective of ancient Indonesian ceremonies. In order to create a unique sensory experience, Kuffner wrote the compositions based on the environment in which the works are placed - directly responding to the cubic shape of the gallery.  Suara Sinar becomes a temporary sanctuary, a liminal space, a safe haven where sound and light fuse into a unifying language.

Aaron Taylor Kuffner (b. 1975, New York, NY) is a sculptor and composer, who has performed or presented work more than 400 times in 22 countries in the last eighteen years. Kuffner has shown at the 56th Venice Biennale at the Palazzo Grimani Museum in Venice, The Drawing Center, The Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian Institute, and The Clocktower Gallery curated by Alana Heiss, with a forthcoming exhibition at The Hammer Museum in June.  Kuffner and his various projects have notably received grants, in-kind support and awards from: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in association with the Clocktower Gallery, The Trust for Mutual Understanding, The Experimental Television Center, The New York Council for the Arts, Ableton Gmhb, The CEC Artslink, Scope Arts, Artist Wanted, Techshop, The New Orleans Airlift, The Indonesian Foreign Ministry, The Dharmasiswa Scholarship, The Berlin Arts Council, The European Commission, I-D Media Berlin, Schloss Brollin Art Labor, The Black Rocks Arts Foundation, The James F. Robison Foundation, The Soros Foundation, Swiss Air, The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and The US Artists International partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. (www.gamelatron.com)