100 Smoke Flares by Raphaele Shirley

 Le Chiffre, a MUSICAL PERFORMANCe by Algis Kizys, with musicians David Watson and Vinnie Signorelli

On Friday November 11th, at 7pm, Raphaele will create a temporary installation in which she will light 100 smoke flares, engulfing both The Chimney's architecture as well as her work. The veil of color will directly interact with the exhibition and further its sensorial immersion in the industrial landscape of Bushwick. The event will be followed by a musical performance Le Chiffre, conceived and arranged by Algis Kizys, with musicians David Watson and Vinnie Signorelli for the closing of the exhibition 12.6 Lyrae


Saturday November 29th, 7-8PM

ALAURALYNN TRIO, a musical performance by Algis Kizys, Laura Ortman and Lynn Wright

The performance will be a loosely scripted composition accompanying the 4.1 sound composition Halo Companion by Algis Kizys for 12.6 Lyrae. Following a current in Shirley's work whereby she accompanies her installations with a live performance and collaborates with musicians for her installations, a Alauralynn Trio, the artists will explore the dimensions of sound and space offered by the installation, riffing on the site specific and indeterminate nature of 12.6 Lyrae and exploring themes linked to reverberance and infinity. Raphaele Shirley stays in keeping with the line of influence of multimedia explorations by artists such as Nam Jum Paik, Robert Rauschenberg, Yoko Ono, John Cage whereby live events and collaborations become part and parcel of the process of the manifestation of the work.